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 * This header file defines some structures and types normally found in the
 * Palm SDK.  However, I don't want to require the presense of the SDK for a
 * small utility since most Palm owners won't have it.
 * $Id: databaseHdrs.h 399 2007-02-04 03:54:47Z foxamemnon $

#ifndef __DATABASEHDRS_H__
#define __DATABASEHDRS_H__

/* Normal Palm typedefs */
typedef unsigned char   UInt8;
typedef unsigned short  UInt16;
typedef unsigned int    UInt32;
typedef UInt32          LocalID;

/* Max length of DB name */
#define dmDBNameLength 0x20

 * Structure of a Record entry
typedef struct {
  LocalID localChunkID;         // local chunkID of a record
  UInt8   attributes;           // record attributes;
  UInt8   uniqueID[3];          // unique ID of record; should
                                // not be 0 for a legal record.
} RecordEntryType;

 * Structure of a record list extension. This is used if all
 *  the database record/resource entries of a database can't fit into
 *  the database header.
typedef struct {
  LocalID nextRecordListID;     // local chunkID of next list
  UInt16  numRecords;           // number of records in this list
  UInt16  firstEntry;           // array of Record/Rsrc entries
                                // starts here
} RecordListType;

 * Structure of a Database Header
typedef struct {
  UInt8   name[dmDBNameLength]; // name of database
  UInt16  attributes;           // database attributes
  UInt16  version;              // version of database
  UInt32  creationDate;         // creation date of database
  UInt32  modificationDate;     // latest modification date
  UInt32  lastBackupDate;       // latest backup date
  UInt32  modificationNumber;   // modification number of database
  LocalID appInfoID;            // application specific info
  LocalID sortInfoID;           // app specific sorting info
  UInt32  type;                 // database type
  UInt32  creator;              // database creator
  UInt32  uniqueIDSeed;         // used to generate unique IDs.
                                //   Note that only the low order
                                //   3 bytes of this is used (in
                                //   RecordEntryType.uniqueID).
                                //   We are keeping 4 bytes for
                                //   alignment purposes.
  RecordListType recordList;    // first record list
} DatabaseHdrType;


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